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  • What are the typical recovery rates for gold using cyanidation and how can they be improved?

    Time: 2023-12-27 Source: Writer:
    The typical recovery rates for gold using cyanidation can vary.

    Gold CIP/CIL Plantabove 95%
    Gold heap leaching60%~70%
    Gold pit leaching70%~80%

    To improve these rates, several strategies can be employed, including:

    Grinding optimization: Ensuring the ore is finely ground to expose more surface area for the cyanide to act upon.

    Oxygen supply: Increasing the dissolved oxygen concentration in the slurry to enhance cyanide leaching efficiency.

    Cyanide concentration and solution pH: Adjusting these factors to optimal levels to maximize gold recovery and minimize cyanide consumption.

    Agglomeration: Pre-treating the ore to form agglomerates, which can improve percolation and overall recovery rates.

    Leaching time and temperature: Optimizing the timing and temperature conditions during the leaching process to enhance gold recovery.

    Carbon management: Efficient carbon management in the carbon-in-pulp (CIP) or carbon-in-leach (CIL) processes can lead to improved gold recovery by preventing carbon fouling and optimizing carbon activity.

    Monitoring and control: Implementing robust monitoring and control systems to ensure process parameters are consistently maintained at optimal levels for maximum gold recovery.

    By implementing these strategies, gold recovery rates using cyanidation can be significantly improved while also helping to mitigate environmental and operational risks associated with cyanide usage.
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