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  • Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals

    • Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals
    • Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals
    • Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals
    • Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals
    Product Summary:

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    Environmental Type Gold Extraction Chemicals Description

    In leaching systerm, there are many different products in our factory, which are including Gold CIL/CIP plantLeaching chemicalsHeap/vat leaching, container type gold cil/cip plant etc.

    【Product Description】

    New Type High Performance Environmental Type Gold Extracting Chemicals are mainly used in the production of gold and silver oxide ore, primary ore, and sulfide ore. Our products are ordinary goods, in powder form, easily soluble in water, ready to use after being dissolved in clean water, low toxicity and environmental protection, stable performance, strong applicability, high leaching rate, fast recovery, etc. 


    1.Low toxicity and environmental

    This product has been tested and identified by the Testing Center of Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry. It is a common chemical that is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-oxidant, non-radioactive, and low-toxic, and it is very safe to use.

    2.High leaching efficiency

    It can effectively increase the probability of leaching gold and silver from ore.

    3.The leaching rate is fast

    It takes less time to leaching, which can save processing time.

    4.Strong anti-interference ability

    This chemicals has stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. The ore contains a small amount of arsenic, sulfur and other harmful substances, which does not affect the leaching effect.

    5.Easy to use

    The product is easy to dissolve in water, and the use method is basically the same as that of sodium cyanide, so it is easy to prepare and use.

    6.Strong adaptability

    It is suitable for heap leaching, pit leaching and carbon slurry leaching of oxidized gold ore. The scale can be large or small.

    7.Lower using cost

    Due to that this chemicals is safety and environmental, it can effectively reduce the high cost of procurement, transportation, warehousing, storage, use, safety and environmental facilities etc, caused by the use of sodium cyanide.

    ★Transportation and storage of chemicals

    1)This chemicals is non flammable, non explosive, non oxidant hazard, non radioactive and no other transport hazard, and can be transported by road, railway, sea and air.

    2)This chemicals is easy to absorb moisture, should be moisture-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, sealed, placed in a cool and dry place sealed storage.

    3)This chemicals shall be stored in isolation, and it is strictly forbidden to store them mixed with other chemicals and edible articles, so as to prevent people and animals from eating by mistake.

    4)Establish and improve the safe production and using system of this chemicals according to relevant national regulations.

    ★Product instructions

    Scope of application: suitable for heap leaching, pit leaching and agitation leaching of gold ore.

    Product form: white powder solid

    Dosage: 100-1500 g/T ore.

    Usage method:

    Heap leaching process: spray with 0.03-0.1% solution matching by clean water;

    Agitation leaching process: it can be configured to add 10% - 15% solution or directly added to the agitation tank with the form of solid. The concentration of reagent in the leaching pulp is generally in the range of 0.03-0.1%.

    ★Usage process

    1)First, adjust the alkalinity of ore or pulp with lime or other alkali, and adjust keep the pH value to 10-12

    2)During heap leaching or pit leaching, a certain concentration of gold extractant solution is prepared for spraying or soaking according to the optimal leaching concentration determined by the test.

    3)When stirring leaching, leaching was carried out according to the optimum pulp concentration, leaching agent concentration and leaching time determined by the test;

    4)During the leaching process, the concentration of gold leaching agent should be determined regularly. When the concentration decreases, the gold leaching agent should be added in time.

    5)Because the composition and PH of different ores are different, the best reagent concentration should be obtained according to the actual ore quantity and the ore sample experiment, and the gold leaching agent should be put in proportion. The concentration of gold leaching agent can be detected according to the method provided by our company.

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