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  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturers

    • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturers
    • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturers
    Product Summary:

    Coconut Shell Activated Carbon manufacturers in China, High mechanical strength
    Well-developed pore structure, Large specific surface area, Fast adsorption
    Can be regenerated many times after saturation
    Economical and durable

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    Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Manufacturers Description

    The coconut shell activated carbon is produced by selecting high-quality coconut shell from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries as the raw material, then using a computer-controlled Slep activation furnace to activate the raw material. Air-selected, crushed, and screened after activation. Produced is the finished product. A type of broken carbon with irregular particles, it is widely used in the carbon slurry method and heap leaching method to extract gold.

    Activated carbon from coconut shells is refined through a new activation process. Developed pore structure, large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength and high purity are all characteristics of the product.

    With activated carbon for gold, the particles are shaped in a special way, and almost all the easy-to-grind parts such as needle-shaped, sharp-shaped, and angular-shaped parts are removed. As a result of the full, uniform particle shape, the product is highly wear-resistant. After entering the factory, it does not need to be pre-ground, and it can be used immediately after washing.

    Mainly used for gold adsorption, drinking water adsorption, alcohol adsorption, beverages adsorption, and other high requirements adsorption.

    Product name Coconut shell-based activated carbon
    Iodine value(mg/g) 950-1100 
    Particle size(mesh) 5-50
    Specific surface area(m²) 1000-1250
    Ash content(%) ≤3
    Water content(%) ≤10
    Proportion(kg/m³) 450-500
    Strength(%) ≥85-95
    PH 9-11

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