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  • Chennai, India 100 tons gold pit leaching process

    Time: 2021-08-28 Source: Sodium Cyanide Writer: Anna

    Currently, the customer in Chennai, India, is using environmentally friendly gold extraction for gold leaching, and has achieved good economic results. In 2019, the customer carried out gold leaching under our technical guidance. Leaching of the pool will occur at a rate of 100 tons per time, and the total recovery rate will be 95% when it is completed. Following the repeated tests by the person in charge of the project, we continued to choose our company to import pharmaceuticals for replenishment.

    The gold mine's pool leaching plant will expand from 100 tons/time to 400 tons/time in April 2022, and we will continue to provide technical guidance throughout the entire process. Our company once again supplied the customer with 10 tons of pharmaceuticals in June for replenishment.

    pit Leaching Technique in Mining

    In gold heap leaching plants around the world, environmentally friendly gold extraction agents are widely used due to their low toxicity, environmental protection and high leaching rate, and have achieved relatively ideal economic benefits, strong anti-interference ability, convenient use and adaptation capability.

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