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  • Pit leaching project in Chennai, India

    Time: 2021-08-28 Source: Sodium Cyanide Writer: Anna

    Gold is extracted from jewelry factory waste as the raw material for the pit leaching project in Chennai, India.

    Gold and silver are valuable elements found in the raw materials of this project. The content of gold and silver in the raw materials varies due to different batches of raw materials. In the elemental analysis report, the raw material also contains elements such as lead, zinc, copper, and arsenic, but the content is extremely low. Our goal is to connect with our customers in 2021 and provide them with a complete solution in terms of gold withdrawal based on the characteristics of raw materials. Gold leaching agent selection was based on comparison between sodium cyanide and an environmentally friendly gold extraction agent. An environmental friendly gold extraction agent showed significantly better gold leaching rates than conventional sodium cyanide under certain conditions, which can reach up to 96%. Additionally, the environmentally friendly gold extraction agent is low in toxicity, but has a higher economic benefit than conventional cyanide compounds. As a result of synthesising the above tests, the customer decides to use the environmentally friendly gold extraction agent as the leaching agent.

    During May 2022, the customer purchased 10 tons of environmentally friendly gold extraction agent from our company.

    gold pond leaching definition
    Pit leaching projec
    gold pond leaching

    Additionally, our environmentally friendly gold extraction agent provides strong advantages during procurement, transportation, storage, and use. Compared to the cyanide tail liquid treatment, the subsequent tail liquid treatment is relatively straightforward. This makes the leaching process of the environmentally friendly gold extractor comparable to the sodium cyanide process.

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